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Pole Fitness Group Classes

Beginner Pole

(No fitness background necessary)
This is a beginner level, perfect for anyone who has never tried pole dancing before. We start with the very basics and will have you confident in no time. A sexy warm up, some strength and conditioning, pole basics and your first spins.

 After a few classes:
With your new confidence and solid foundation, we learn numerous basic spins, some combo spins and transitional moves.


(Beginner requirement)
This is a more challenging level designed for those who have already completed 6 to 8 classes of beginner. Here we incorporate your basic invert. We focus on building our strength and work into intermediate moves.  

Later into Intermediate
Spinny PoleThis class is focused on intermediate pole moves done on a spinning pole. We learn the control needed to do beautiful slow dancing in this level. We work on our flow and lines.

After many Intermediate classes:
Getting serious, get prepared for the hard stuff
(4 to 6 classes of Intermediate required)
This is an advanced level, very challenging and a great workout. We build strength, stamina and work hard on balance. We work at our own pace in a super positive environment.

FUN Classes
Twerk n Booty Workout
Sexy Floor Work
Chair Dance
Lap Dance
Introductory Pole Classes

All fun stuff. Some will be for anyone including non polers, some for advanced students. Check our calendar and register. These are free with VIP yearly membership.

While this is now drop in style for all classes, if you do your classes in succession and come by regularly, you will be most successful. 

Membership Type
1 class pass
2 month
5 class pass
5 month
10 class pass
180.0010 months
*VIP PACKAGE* 1 year unlimited membership
1 year

(Please email poledancingforfitness@yahoo.ca or call 693 9802 for immediate help)

Private Parties (1 hour)
Stagettes, Birthdays, Team Building, Dancing Diva's. 
Email for information and to book. 
Total for 5 or more participants - $250.00 
(Requires a $50.00 non-refundable deposit upon booking).

Lap Dance Class
(no previous experience necessary)
Just for fun! Learn a sultry chair dance for you and your partner to enjoy at home.

Private Lessons 
One on One class time with an instructor!
Please email to book.

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