Pole Fitness NL - Find your sexy!

"My goal was to find an activity-to be physically fit while having fun. Originally coming in, confidence was a problem however everyone was so welcoming it made all that doubt go away. I've really liked that the teachers are confident in what they teach and seem like they really enjoy it."
-Anonymous Student

"I value the fun/supportive environment and an environment that fosters learning."

"I get an increased sense of empowerment, and sense of inner peace (centers me for the week)." 

"Steph breaks everything down in a way I've never experienced before doing aerial stuff. She makes it so easy to understand"
-Anonymous Student

"I also feel so god damn sexy when I dance or do floor work, which may seem silly, but that is a lot to me. I always felt like a goof and never considered myself hot/sexy. I never thought I could think that about myself. It's so empowering." 
- S

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